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How to invest

How to register for edeXa quickly and easily?

Since security token offerings and blockchain technology are still very new topics, we provide video instructions for the investment process. The first step is to register for edeXa and create a wallet. To let you know exactly how to complete the registration process, we have uploaded a video tutorial here – check it out and register today!

How the KYC process works at edeXa?

In order to meet the legal requirements in Liechtenstein, every investor – before investing in edeXa is possible – must go through a so-called know-your-customer process. This is done quickly. In our video, you can find out exactly what information we need and what this process looks like step by step!

How to invest in edeXa?

After you’ve gone through the KYC process, you can finally invest in edeXa! Although investing in digital stocks is much faster and easier than investing in traditional stocks, some new steps need to be taken. To make the investment process as pleasant and simple as possible, our video tutorial will explain each step. Enjoy your first investment in digital stocks!

Do you have any further questions how to invest?

We’re here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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