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The topic Blockchain is new. Security Tokens are new. It goes without saying that many questions arise. Some of them appear again and again, so we have already answered the most frequently asked questions here.

Your question is not included or you want to discuss a point in more detail? Write to us personally or ask the question in our telegram community.

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions.

Where Is The Registered Office Of edeXa AG?

edeXa has its headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein and is subject to local crypto-friendly laws. The legislation expressly does not discriminate against any innovative technologies and the general conditions in the Principality of Liechtenstein are also extremely positive. However, edeXa has not moved to Liechtenstein because of the ICO, but the parent company io-market has resided there for almost 20 years.

What Is The Legal Form Of The edeXa ?

edeXa is a joint-stock company according to Liechtenstein law. The voting rights belong to 100% to the parent company io-market AG. ICO shareholders receive non-voting preference shares.

Why a Security Token and no Utility Token?

Many start-ups use a utility token for their ICO. A utility token is simply a means of payment that does not embody any rights to the company.

A security token, on the other hand, behaves like a security. The security token allows investors to participate in the profits. A security token is more strictly regulated and places higher disclosure and registration requirements on the company, but offers investors significantly more security. For this reason, analysts see a huge future market and enormous potential for security tokens.

How many tokens are offered in total?

edeXa offers a maximum of 20,000,000 tokens in this financing round.

What Happens To Tokens That Have Not Been Sold?

Unsold tokens are “burned” (deleted) and are no longer available. This lowers the offer and usually increases the price for the existing shareholders.

What Payment Options Are Offered?

edeXa currently accepts payments in EUR, ETH and BTC. We are pleased about the cooperation with the Liechtensteinische Landesbank, so that we can accept comfortable and secure bank transfers. Other means of payment can be accepted on request for larger sums.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Amount For An Investment?

The minimum investment is 500 Tokens. We must record and document each investor in accordance with applicable KYC guidelines. This causes extensive administrative costs. For this reason, we must set a minimum amount.

Which Countries Or Persons Are Excluded?

For legal reasons, investors are limited to the European Economic Area (EEA). We are working on a solution to accept investors from outside Europe and Switzerland in the future. If you do not belong to the EEA but are interested in a larger investment, please contact us at: invest@edexa.io

Is There A Referral Or Bonus Program?

Yes, Investors may recommend edeXa to their family and receive 5 % of their friend’s investment for free. 

At Which Exchanges Can I Trade The Tokens?

All edeXa tokens are sold as private placements, i.e. not via an external trading platform. After a successful placement, we will provide secondary markets to trade the tokens on a liquid market.

What Is KYC And How Does it Work?

KYC is an abbreviation for Know-Your-Customer and means to get to know more about who the customer really is. Laws and guidelines require customers to be unambiguously identified whenever transactions involve large sums of money or investment objects. The KYC process is prescribed by law and is part of money laundering prevention. The scope of our KYC process varies depending on the level of investment and the chosen transaction route.

What Do I Need To Consider When Investing?

Investments are always fraught with risk. Risk does not only stand for losses, but works in both directions. Every investor should be aware that where high profits can be attained high losses can also occur. You can never lose more than you invest. A detailed description of the risks is listed in our whitepaper.

How Does The Bank Transfer Work?

We have also decided to accept bank transfers from investors. We do this for several reasons: For investors and also for us classical bank transfers are still the most efficient variant with the lowest fees. Many ICOs do not get a bank account for legal reasons. We are very pleased to haven an account with the Liechtensteinische Landesbank, so that we can offer our investors a convenient form of bank transfer. For investors who are less experienced with crypto currencies or have never bought crypto currencies before, the process is considerably simplified.

Why Are Tokens Not Transferred Automatically?

If you buy tokens from edeXa, they will be credited to your account. In contrast to many conventional ICOs, however, this is not possible in real time and automatically, but takes a few hours.

There are several reasons for this. We cooperate closely with the LLB so that we can also accept traditional bank transfers. However, these cannot be recorded automatically. In addition, all investors are assigned to the shares. We have therefore developed our own token allocation system.

Which wallets are accepted?

The wallet must be compatible with the ERC20 token. However, investors do not have to worry about this, as we initially provide a wallet for reasons of simplification and investors can register easily via our platform.

Why do you create your own wallet?

The crypto movement is still comparatively young and not very mature. Most wallets are not particularly user-friendly. Once you have forgotten your password, you will no longer be able to access your tokens and will face a total loss. We want to avoid that. That’s why we create and manage the wallets first. If desired, the tokens can be transferred to a separate wallet after the ICO.

Can I transfer the token?

Trading and transfer of the tokens is not planned for the first few weeks. However, as soon as the tokens are quoted on an exchange, they are also freely tradable. We have to take special precautions for the security token and the associated rights of the shareholders into account, many current exchanges are not yet prepared for this. We are currently in discussions with trading venues to meet all the requirements.

Where can the token be traded?

According to the ICO, the token will be listed on several trading venues. We are currently in close communication with several trading places as there is currently no approved exchange for Security Tokens. As soon as the first trading venues are approved, the edeXa token will also be tradable there.

I have more questions

We would love to hear them. We are almost always available via telegram, e-mail, here in the chat or by phone.

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