edeXa takes investor confidence to a new level by using an innovative security token with real shares. This means that by buying this security token, you become a co-owner of edeXa. The EDE token is thus an alternative to the classic IPO.

Since the launch of our EDE token sale in October 2018, edeXa has been able to inspire hundreds of investors in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Europe alone. We are excited to give more investors the opportunity to invest in a promising startup. Our goal is to place our security token on a marketplace as soon as security tokens become tradable.


Our EDX Service Token, also called the Multi-Utility Token, serves as a payment and benefit token in our edeXa Business Blockchain and offers several interesting opportunities for our stakeholders.
EDX was created to provide a priority transaction layer for decentralized apps developed on the edeXa platform. In addition, EDX also opens up opportunities for developers to put their ideas into action and easily market their business apps on our network using a few steps.
Whether you prefer to send/receive or trade, EDX generates value from all member activities within the edeXa ecosystem, whether as a participant, user, or developer.
We also allow shareholders to trade our EDX token, which allows them to actively benefit from the growth of the edeXa ecosystem. Together with you as a shareholder, edeXa’s goal is to continuously increase the value of the EDX Token as part of our ongoing business strategy.
With the EDX token as a new multi-utility token, edeXa is positioning itself for the future in the crypto-asset market, which has recently experienced strong growth. edeXa empowers you as a customer and investor to benefit from the growth of the edeXa ecosystem by making use of our products and services.
Our mission is to make the world a little bit easier. We want to provide you with an easy-to-use blockchain solution that is easy to use for both businesses and individuals.
At edeXa, we don’t just want broad applications that simplify business transactions; we also want to empower users to develop, publish, monetize, and use applications within the environment. This will allow users to collaborate in fundamentally new ways in an ecosystem powered by our token, building on trust through transparency.


With our approach at edeXa, we want to enable our investors to participate in a high-tech company with a future-oriented business model.
Our Security Token is a new type of blockchain technology token in the form of a digital share. In addition, edeXa plans to launch the Service Token in the near future, which can be purchased to pay for edeXa services, secure property, and as a Benefit Token and will be listed for purchase and sale in various renowned exchanges in the future.


Become a part of edeXa now and get one of our two tokens. We offer you a Security Token or the Multi-Utility Token. If both tokens appeal to you, we have an even better offer for you.
We also offer three packages where both tokens (Security- and Multi-Utility Token) are available. This way, you actively benefit from the growth of the edeXa ecosystem and secure future benefits from our edeXa service offering.


edeXa is a high-tech company that offers companies and public authorities innovative solutions for secure, legally provable, and unchangeable data processing in business processes and communication channels with the EDX – Business Blockchain.

We are a young startup with experienced employees and an international footprint, focusing exclusively on blockchain innovations and applications.

Our customers already include international companies and authorities that take advantage of our business blockchain to automate and secure processes.

  • 2024
    The edeXa business blockchain is a leading blockchain in the market with a large number of sustainable projects and business activities. Expansion into other countries is being implemented.
  • Q3-Q4 2023
    edeXa launches several web3 customer projects and launches new blockchain-based services. edeXa expands to Dubai and focuses on further growth worldwide.

    The edeXa business blockchain is used by large companies and is used in the value chain (logistics, supply chain, etc.).

    The constant improvement and further development of the edeXa blockchain is being promoted.
  • Q1-Q2 2023
    The focus is on the launch of the mainnet of the public blockchain edeXa. In addition, the implementation of further web3 applications will start together with our customers. Our main goal is the successful launch of the EDX Service Token on exchanges, which will massively expand marketing.

    The growth of the company is strongly promoted and focused.
  • Q3-Q4 2022
    edeX started to partner with potential agencies to strongly promote the vision worldwide.
    testnet network will be in operation to test speed and deployment of smart contacts in real time and bring Blockchain enthusiasts to build applications and increase Global demand for decentralization in digital areas.
    The Portal edeXa Universe will be focused to continue to work closely with powerful enterprises and bring onboard new business.
    edeXa brings the NFT for business to reality where users can create Unique identifiers or attributes for use cases, allowing to remove intermediaries and simplify transactions while EDX token will empower the edeXa Public Blockchain at core.
  • Q1 - Q2 2022
    The entire Vision grows and the strategy covers great huge steps for the 2022 Market.

    The entry of the edeXa Universe with innovative business blockchain solutions will continue to improve and target marketing organizations that use our blockchain ecosystem for their own business model while the rewards system will take place for everyone.
  • Q3 - Q4 2021
    edeXa keeps on high speed the development of permissioned Blockchain, meaning only trusted and verified entities can participate in the ecosystem of infinite possibilities.

    Further Development of EDX token and reward system.

    Introducing bStamp part of DApps edeXa Universe blockchain. Only a few weeks after the release of Banji, the first major extension is already available. With bStamp, users can digitally sign or validate files on Universe projects.
  • Q1 - Q2 2021
    edeXa Universe development came a cross to all major milestones in the field of DevOps, Blockchain, and APIs to achieve the project.

    Banji (part of DApps) goes live as a beta version. It enables every object and every piece of information to be assigned a unique digital identity by the EDX-Digital Twin.

    This allows proof of ownership and proof of origin to be presented quickly and easily for evidence purposes. This also applies to digital contracts using an e-signature.
  • Q4 2020
    Further development of the Universe project that offers companies and public authorities one ecosystem that can be used for trust-building with secure and traceable processes. DApps APIs first release beta.
  • 2019
    The development of the edeXa Blockchain is running at full speed. The first blockchain services have been implemented in a pilot project for our customers.
  • 2018
    io-market AG founded the new subsidiary edeXa AG. The first proofs-of-concept were successfully implemented, and the project was released for the implementation phase. The first security token sale has taken place.
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edeXa Blockchain Blockchain
edeXa blockchain
Our Blockchain Ecosystem

edeXa Approach as permissioned Blockchain, meaning only trusted and verified entities can participate in the ecosystem of infinite possibilities. It uses the most secure open-source Distributed ledger technology like hyperledger fabric at its core. Making it lightning-fast, secure without compromising the privacy of its users.

Organisations in the edeXa Universe create a consortium with other Companies (galaxies) and data of transactions that happen in the consortium is only stored on the nodes participating in that consortium.


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing previous process solutions and maximizing the efficiency of digital business processes. With the edeXa Business Blockchain, collaboration between companies is taken to a whole new level.

The credo is simple: technology meets innovation.
  • Technical know-how coupled with implementation expertise
  • Use of established and secure technologies
  • Security and data sovereignty is paramount

Innovation in Blockchain Innovation
edeXa blockchain
Trust in data security Trust
edeXa blockchain

With our investor portal, we meet the highest data protection standards and thus also the required due diligence to grant investors an investment in a trustworthy company.

We create trust through security
  • Many individuals and institutions already trust and invest in edeXa
  • Blockchain technology from the heart of Liechtenstein
  • With the KYC verification process (“Know Your Customer”), we ensure trustworthy investments.


At edeXa, we are already developing forward-looking services around blockchain technologies today. The market potential for edeXa Business Blockchain amounts to a market worth billions in the DACH region alone. The transformation of digitalization in the area of Industry 4.0 is still in its infancy in many places and will experience a lever of efficiency through our applications.

With edeXa to the blockchain revolution for your company
  • Established use cases in practice show successful models from
  • 2025: Numerous business areas will be redefined by blockchain
  • edeXa offers numerous mobile apps as well as API interfaces that are individually tailored to customer needs

Blockchain as an opportunity Investition
edeXa blockchain
Ready for all industries
and areas


We provide the ability to share information in a trustless environment, like from your ID card.


The originality of your Drawings, writings and designs can beauthenticated with our solutions


Banji offers a trustless environment where you can timestamp and verify your ownership.


Hashing your research papers allows you to proof authorship of your ideas and developments.


Allow our blockchain to verify the integrity, authenticity and authorship of the data

IT Development

Use our underlying blockchain technology to build great things. Our APIs are open for you.


Security Token

Our Security Token is a real alternative to common shares. It offers many advantages for investors. We are convinced that you as an investor should receive a consideration for your investment. We are therefore planning a regular dividend and liquid trading place that will further increase the value of the token.

Huge market potential

We help companies to realize enormous optimization gains in their supply chain. Up to 70% of the costs can be saved in procurement alone: Many companies still rely on paper-based processes that are error-prone and time-consuming.

Transparency & Security

Secret data must remain within the company. That’s why edeXa offers a private blockchain that only you and your business partners can access. As a company, you benefit from the particularly high transparency and efficiency of edeXa’s business blockchain.

OFF-Chain Storage

The classic blockchain offers too little storage space for complex business transactions. We therefore combine innovative off-chain storage solutions with the transparency and security of the blockchain. Thus, all data is securely protected and can still be retrieved at lightning speed.

Long market experience

Our parent company, io-market AG, has been on the market for 18 years and has both an established business model and a huge customer base. edeXa thus benefits from this huge customer base and experienced employees.

Marketplace & Community

Companies do thousands of business transactions a month. Previous blockchain solutions simply require too high transaction costs. edeXa has developed its solutions especially for companies and offers a unique pricing model based on a flat fee.


Our tokens are not a crypto bubble, as we are already a corporation registered in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Thus, behind our Security Token are real company shares that behave like a “real paper share”. Our multi-utility token EDX is also based on real products and services that are associated with values.


Are you interested in innovative blockchain solutions for the implementation of efficient business processes? So are we! Talk to us. We are in constant contact with potential cooperation partners. edeXa is continuously expanding its range of products and services. We can only achieve this with successful and motivated partners.

As a software producer you have the chance to offer your services on our network and potentially reach thousands of customers. You can, for example, as a FinTech innovative financial and insurance services or as an ERP manufacturer integrate modern software solutions directly into the business block chain. We network companies. Become a part of it.


We use the funds from the security token financing round to build and expand awareness of our brand, as well as to increase its value on a national and international level.

If we make a profit, the regular dividends will be distributed to our investors in the form of cash or tokens.

As soon as the legal framework for trading with security tokens becomes possible, we also want to place our security token on a trading platform (stock exchange) for trading.


Are you interested in our news or work on the edeXa story and would like to get in touch with us?

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